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Any girl that goes to Masconomet and wears Uggs, a Northface, or a very low cut shirt every day. They tend to wear approximately 2 tons of makeup daily, straighten their hair, and frequent local tanning salons as well as Victorias Secret. They also live a large portion of their life on Facebook. it is very hard to set apart one Masco Biddie from another, because they all look exactly the same. As well as being extremely fake, they are also very shallow and unbearably annoying. It is nearly impossible to hang out with a Masco Biddie for over a half hour unless you are going to score with one. Please note that it is very easy to get with a masco Biddie.
Jeff: hey Rob, did you get any with Christina at the liberty tree mall last night?

Rob: yeah man, and after she left i got with her friend Aayla too.

Jeff: sweet dude Masco Biddies. dont forget to sanitize.
by stdfreex3 February 06, 2011
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