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A beautiful girl. She is like a gift from God. She's someone that always put a smile to my face. She is absolutely beautiful internally and externally. She can bring out the sunlight when she smiles. She knows how to walk in heels like a professional. Someone that is hard to capture. Joyful personality and fun to talk to. A girl with plenty of talents. Very caring person. She means more than just words. There is only one made, but nothing is as special as her. She is someone that some special man cares most about. She is someone that takes my breathe away. Someone that a man would spend every second and every minute with even if there was barriers to get to her. Someone worth fighting for. But most likely to stay as friends unless you give all your heart out, more than what it can handle. Losing her is like the end of the world, but there is no end when your with her. "A heart will never stop beating. The beat it beats for her." - Anonymous
Mary Thao Vu is super PRETTY and she knows its true!
by hello1122 December 12, 2011
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