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A really cool girl. Sarcastic, pretty, and smart. She loves sports and is good at learning anything.

Never call her Mary. She will kill you. That is not her name. Her name is not hyphenated. It is Mary Catherine.

All around a cool, funny, pretty, badass girl.
Stupid: dude look it's Mary?

Smart: No that's Mary CATHERINE get it right.
by Book_crazy_04 July 02, 2018
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beautiful, funny, smart, one of the greatest people you will ever meet in your life. She is alwasy there for you and will comfort you and always want to listen. You think that you will just be friends with her at first but then you will find that you have a crush on her. She is never mad at anyone and is always looking to have fun. All in all she is a great person who you need to meet.
hey is that mary catherine? whats up girl!
by Jackson Mars December 28, 2013
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always down to party. funny, beautiful, smart, enjoying to talk to. just a downright wonderful person.
oh hey its marycatherine....heyyyy
by dustin megroin April 29, 2011
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