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A horrible sound made as a byproduct of speaking by people with abnormally large lips and protruding teeth. For Homo Sapiens, this sound cna be difficult, if not impossible to mimic. The sound gets its name from its similarity to the rotor blades of a helicopter spinning while the helicopter is landing, and is usually written as "bbbbbbbbbbb" with each "b" sharing the same sound as it would in "book" or "bed".

People with this affliction also usually have a lisp and cannot prnouce an "r" sound. They are known as Marwyns
Homo Sapien: Hi there Marwyn, how's it going?
Marwyn: It'th goin' gweat thankth!
Homo Sapien: So what are you doing this weekend?
Marwyn: I'm gonna pway thum Wethident Evil Five, and all other kinds of thingth I have pla-- bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!!!

(the Homo Sapien then proceeds to run away to avoid the shower of spit generated from the Marwyncopter)
by Anon #11111 May 23, 2009
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