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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (MvC3)

After ten long years of waiting, Capcom gives this sequel, available on PS3 and Xbox 360. Semi-popular because it has many new characters but so many popular characters from its predecessors cut out.

New 3-D graphics with classic 3-on-3 fighting system like MvC2, with inky shading and cross-hatching effects to look like a living comic book. Also uses a TvC-Style control scheme with a button for light, one for medium, and one for heavy attacks along with one universal launcher button. You can tap the assist button to call for the assigned character (Partner 1 or P1 and Partner 2 or P2 respectively) and hold down either button to switch out. A new feature added is X-Factor, which really comes in handy, restores your health with additional attack and speed boost. The final boss on this one is Galactus who plans on devouring the two worlds of Marvel and Capcom for nourishment. You'll fight two boss villains picked at random first, then you fight Galactus, and he takes up the whole right side of the screen.

Otherwise, this game is great, and if you're waiting for more DLC characters, have faith, and take every MvC3-related announcement with a grain of salt.
Guy 1: Duuuuude. I just picked up Marvel vs. Capcom 3 today. It's totally awesome with new graphics and stuff. Wanna come over and play?

Guy 2: Yeah, man I'll be there soon!

Guy 1: Are you continue the saga?

Guy 2: Oh yeah, I'm pumped!

Guy 2: (A veteran MvC player looks at character roster with all named 38 characters in it) Man, where's Venom? and Strider Hiryu? and........NO MEGA MAN!? Come on! What a ripoff! OH YEAH, let Magneto, Storm, and Sentinel back in, but.........OMG! There's AMATERASU! and VIEWTIFUL JOE! and DEADPOOL! YESSSS! THAT'S A WIN! WOW! EVEN ZERO AND DANTE ARE HERE!

Guy 1: Glad to see you like the new set of characters. Don't worry the characters you named might get released as DLC.

Guy 2: Yeah, like that'll happen anytime soon. Well, I don't really care anymore, let's just play.

Guy 1: (Down to last character, activates X-Factor which is at this point level 3 and wins the match) I knew I'd win with that.

Guy 2: This feature was TOTALLY needed on MvC2 especially with all the balance issues it had. You had to be really good to do that back then.

Guy 1: Yeah, no foolin'.
by striderhiryu12 May 16, 2011
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