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Someone who believes that Marvel has it all because they have only seen the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, and judges all of DC Comics based on the two or three of their bad films
Mark is a Marvel Fanboy
by thetrendyass April 25, 2015
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A person, usually a man between the ages of 18-40, who could've possibly cured cancer, world-wide famine, poverty, or written the next great American novel if they devoted half the time they spend riding Marvel's dick to something actually important.

Can be observed either

A) Relentlessly defending Marvel against ANY criticism(imagined or not)


B) Personally insulting and/or otherwise getting genuinely upset at people that don't think Marvel(Cinematic Universe) is THE #1 entertainment entity, in all or most ways. Will unironically accuse anyone of divergent opinion regarding Marvel of being a "DC fanboy" even if said person has never read comics. Rumored, but unconfirmed to masturbate to Disney-stocks they don't even own.

How these guys find the time to work a job, sleep, or even wash their hands is a question for the ages, considering there is literally no time they cannot be seen knob jockeying online. *See IGN comment sections*
Regular Person: So I just got back from seeing *insert latest Marvel movie here*, and it was good but...

Marvel Fanboy: In all fairness nothing in the entire universe is perfect, so you're just nitpicking.

Regular Person: No, I would've just preferred if they...

Marvel Fanboy: So you're saying you could've made a better movie?

Regular Person: What? No. I'm just giving my opinion as a viewer...

Marvel Fanboy: Funny. I didn't see you "just giving your opinion" on the Batman Vs Superman article. You're obviously a full of shit troll.

Regular Person: Well, that's because I didn't see Batman Vs Superman...

Marvel Fanboy: LOL wow great fucking logic! Found the DC fanboy! *Tells "Martha" joke for the quadrillionth time while fantasizing getting spit-roasted by Stan Lee and Walt Disney*
by The Blackest Panther May 10, 2018
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