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Used to describe a Marine that has finished boot camp but still has a recruit mindset and or in MOS school. Another term for boot, newbie or just new to the Marine Corps. Also a Marine that has not entered the fleet, gone on a deployment, or acts like a recruit and/or inexperienced when doing their duties. Usually targeted to be hazed.
"PFC stephens is such a Maruit, he just asked me the other day if combat was like Call of Duty. What a fucking boot.”

"Don't be such a freaking Maruit, just walk across the grass already"

“Rodriguez is such a freaking Maruit that everytime the phone rings she stands up at parade rest and answers it. You can’t teach that level of Maruit-ness.”

Falling asleep in formation, putting your flak on backwards, asking the stupid-ass questions, Having a Perma-tan line on the back of your head from your cover,
by John P. Greer March 26, 2014
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