A lesbian czech american tennis player. She has won 18 gram slams. According to Wikipedia she made her debut in Communist Czechoslovakia at the the age of 15 in 1972. She defected to the United States in 1975 after participating in the US open. Shortly thereafter she came out publicly, an extraordinary act for the time period. She did so a week before she became a US citizen but given that she was a defector from a communist country she faced no "delays" in her acquiring of citizenship that one would expect from immigration officials at the time. She came out at the height of her career. She was clearly going through a remarkable change at this time. She was like, to hell with the communist AND the homophobic jerks. She treated both communism and homophobia with exactly the same level disdain. What made her impressive was the impossibility of criticizing her sexuality, communism AND homophobia be damned, she was not, as a gay communist dissident, going to hear BS about her sexual orientation.
Question posed by male Sportswriter: "Are your still lesbian?"

Martina Navratilova: "Are you still the alternative?"
by AAAA1 October 13, 2013
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