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The time delay and confusion attributed to working on Mars when working on Earth time. A day on Mars is 24 hours 37 minutes so the same time on Mars is 37 minutes later every day on Earth.
If it is light on Mars it may be night on Earth so if you are piloting a rover or checking in with your space relatives on a regular basis the schedule could be ruff.
Also, since the Martian day is 37 minutes longer, the same time on Mars is different after every day on Earth. For instance, if you start tele-working on Mars from your home office on Earth at 9 am Mars time every day you would have to wake up about 40 minutes later everyday on Earth to keep your wake up routine regular. Lets say 9 am Mars time is equal to 3 pm Earth time when you start your job. After two weeks on the job you would have to be ready to start work around 3 am since the added 40 minutes everyday would continually shift you schedule later in the day.
by Danunoamor August 16, 2005
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