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Scottish Highland Legend word for of a creatre that is like a small hobbit and that legend says lives in the Highlands of Scotland very close to Balintore but once was very rampant in a village called Lairg until they faded out and moved south and started to breed there in Balintore, they are said to be very much like the Chupacabra but unlike the chupacabra it does not suck blood.

If you meet a martan you are meant to refer to it as your "bitch" as that is what legend states they were originally referred to as in ancient times they were everyones bitch according to scottish mythology.
"did you see that thing over near that building site doing feck all and lighting a fire while whinging at the same time about tax credits"

"It must have been a Martan"



by Henny G December 15, 2007
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A man who likes to cry alot..who has a problem with his chest area..and must always wear a wife beater..a man with a very small penis..who hides inside..and cries..
Don't be so lame. You're being like Mar-Tan.
by Pink Panther February 14, 2005
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