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She very insecure about her , she believe she ain't pretty like the rest of the girls. She loves playing around and making jokes. she's sometimes very sensitive for no reason. she's fragile and she doesn't like to be hurt. she cares less about what people say. she also kind-hearted and free spirted. A beautiful girl who any guy would be lucky to have. She loves long relationships and is eays love.♥ Shes does crazy things because she just love to have FUN. She hate being bored . She cannot stay in small spaces.She hate dirty people. She loves to cuddle and adores being loved. She also can be a bad ass if needed and can throw a hadr punches. Don't underestimate this girl. SHE is very smart and has a very bootilicious booty . She can be nice sometimes but usually very mean . And not the jealou type .SHE always gotta keep her pussy clean. She is NOT judgementle.SHE doesn't care if your gay,bisexual, trany, or dike, shes gone like you for you And your personality. If she can't have it then she will earn it. She only care about people who care about her. If you do something mean to her then she will make sure you get it back but worser . She money motivated . She hate going places brokeAnd mostly their favorite color is blue . And she hate liars ! If you lie to her once she gone think your lying every time you tell her something . Shes gone respect you if you respect her . SHE is very trustworthy. AND most of all she love being herself around everybody she will never switch up.
Marshawnaa is so fucking fun to be around .

I hope Marshawnaa be at the party because it's alots fun when she shows up.
by hatemefuckme November 15, 2013
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