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Being Mars'd is coming face-to-face with page not found and is responsible for the "Try Again" bug. He slowed down the servers last week for three consecutive days, usually starting around 1500-1800 Zulu each day.
Other instances of being "Mars'd" include finishing any adventure with a d20 average below 4.0. This is also referred to as "being Mars'd".
Apparently, if you have him on your team and he "buffs" you, you receive -1 on all rolls for the next three encounters.
"Try again" appears. Quick response "Man I've just been mars'd!"

"Man, I can't stop getting Mars'd!"

"Damn you Mars!"

Captain Kirk: "MARS! I mean KHAN!"
by Wordcrafter October 08, 2008
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Mars Bars Denied. Aka, Zarifar. f331 t3h p0ww4.
Oh my god, it's marsd!
by Zarifar December 31, 2003
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