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The use of the male partner’s finger to stimulate his partner and guide her towards sexual release through orgasm. In a close relationship, her needs and reactions will have been assessed, and the technique will have become established. Generally, the pad of the middle finger of the dominant hand (i.e. the right hand for a man who is right handed) is preferred, carefully teasing the clitoris from the protection of its hood, and then rhythmically stroking the clitoris until the woman’s reaction and movements indicate that she has achieved her orgasm. It is very important to ensure that the vulva and clitoris are amply lubricated throughout the process, and that the man’s fingernails are carefully trimmed and filed to avoid causing any discomfort.
Margot: “I heard you through the wall last night - you and Lance are so lucky - I can hardly bear to tell you, but Frank has never given me an orgasm since we started seeing each other.”

Sarah: “Have you tried spooning? He can take you from behind and reach round to use his marriage finger on your clit. That’s what works for me every time.”

Margot: “Would that work with doggy? Frank loves that, and he rides me well, but he never touches me to get me over the line. I just feel so frustrated and end up going to the bathroom and having a quiet wanklit before I can sleep.”

Sarah: “It depends how long his arm is, but that should work - go for it girl! Shake your booty, make some noise and tell him what you want.”

Margot: “I’ll tempt him tonight - if I’m flushed in the morning you’ll know your tip worked!”
by Katie4eyes June 28, 2018
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