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The Maroon Squad J-Beanz are one of the most elite teams ever created.Armed with the Great Hazan, The One Who Fades, The Captain, The Rabbi, Gold Mine, and the one they call "The Freak" just to name a few, this years squad is poised to win it all in what is the last year for most of the roster. Before the season even started the championship parade is already being planned. After a disappointing finish to the 2009 season in a semi-finals lose to the eventual champions with a young and inexperienced squad, a few new key additions were made that have made them a favorite to not only win a championship, but to not lose a game while doing it. After only one game, the squad has already forced multiple rule changes because they kicked too much ass.The only thing stopping them from going all the way is themselves, but with the talent accumulated and the chemistry built in the past few seasons, the sky's the limit.
A-"Who we got tonight?"
B-"Maroon Squad"
A-"You think were gonna get double digits?"
B-"Well I've been averaging 15 points per game so yea,probably."
A-"I'm talking about our whole team"

"The Maroon Squad:We don't Rebuild, We Reload"
by A Daves April 29, 2010
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