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A snooty gentleman in his 40s to late 70s often seen around the coastal Carolinas, specifically around the Wrightsville Beach, NC area. Noted for brightly colored polo shirts, khaki or fish related pants, Costa del Mar or Rayban polarized sunglasses on Croakies, and Sperries. The signature piece to his wardrobe is his belt with fish or flags. Must come from old money, and own a sportfishing yacht like a Jarrett Bay or other custom boat, and drive some sort of luxury car like a Maserati, or Range Rover. Typically seen drinking cocktails at all hours. Leathery, tan skin because he just got off his yacht. A marlinbelter's wife is always seen half wasted off cocktails, has never had to have a job because she married a marlinbelter, often seen carrying a little dog, and wearing a large sun hat. She also is overly tan and has had way to much plastic surgery.
Hey man, wanna hit up the Wrightsville Beach today?

No, dude, way too many stuck up Marlinbelters running around down there.
by Grunt Guy February 17, 2010
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