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She is a very smart pretty girl she has no filter to her mouth she can fight but she’s shy at times but if she get used to you she not shy she has pretty eyes and she’s skinny she’s very clumsy and goofy and funny and she DOESNT catch feelings at all she is very nice but if you get on bad side she’s extra mean if your a close friend of hers or just a friend she takes up for you no matter what . She fights boys a lot she don’t really like fighting girls because she know she can beat them up most the time .Shes not really a drama queen but she always end up in some type of drama .
Group of friends:we don’t like her who’s gonna tell her

Also group friends:not me not me

Marlaisha:listen girl we don’t like you
by Don’t worry boo June 13, 2018
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Marlaisha is hood girl. She has no filter to her mouth and dgaf bout what somebody has to say about her. She doesnt stress over dudes either.but she can and will steal your man! she can fight too. Her hands ready for everybody. She doesnt like most people and has her stuff together. She skinny af!She can dance pretty good too. She probably got a cousin that can beat you up too. She is known by everybody.
Ratchet Girl : Ouuu look at home girl gettin beat up!
Dusty Rat : Thats because shes fighting a girl names Marlaisha. Duh!
Ratchet Girl: Why they fighting.
Dusty Rat: Because Marlaisha stole her man!
by cheerleader mone May 27, 2018
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