A market girl is a term for a transient and passing moment of beauty. A girl who is way more attractive than she has any right to be, wearing cheap clothes and garish gold jewellery that should be repellent, but on her is intoxicating. And she is ephemeral, within 1-2 years, her beauty will be long gone, mislaid somewhere between pizzas in front of Jeremy Kyle and a string of useless wanker boyfriends who all do the unspeakable things to her that the rest of us only dare to dream of...
Dave: So, is she marriage material, then?

Pete: Nah, mate, she’s a market girl, only 2 years left before she’ll have a tramp stamp and a pushchair!
by Shiiine On 2019 November 15, 2019
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beautiful, smart, has vigor, relatable, cute, perky, looks good in a pants suit
by Shamaymay March 25, 2015
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An young urban dwelling woman with an earthy style who can often be found looking for fresh organic produce at local farmers markets or Whole Foods. The farmer's market girl shops at the gap and urban outfitters, drives a hybrid car, takes her dog to the local dog park, recycles, and wears very little make up. Her causes are animal rights and saving the planet. She shuns the glitz and glamour associated with big city life and favors communing with nature.
The girl I saw jogging with her dog on Fountain Avenue was a total farmers market girl. I don't think I should ask her to go with me to Area on Friday.
by Anne Boelyn April 26, 2007
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