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Markaliyah , is a word meaning , loving , caring , smart , ambitious , humorous , beautiful , loyal , honest , trust worthy , sarcastic , funny , smart mouthed , bad tempered. A person whom if they love you , will never let you ho a day without knowing that they do , a person who puts anyone else before their self , a person who is willing to sacrifice anything for anyone. A person that is strong , but sometimes just can't hide how hurt they are. Really sensitive. Loves being loved , an put first. Hopelessly romantic.
"Markaliyah has led me to see the good in myself that I never knew existed , I love her man".

"I can't understand how Markaliyah didn't give up on me yet , she's been Jere through thick an thin , and we aren't even married".
by Queen Names January 10, 2017
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