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A condition that occurs when a cadet is at New York Maritime College for too long, resualting in an illision that makes females more attractive than they really are. Similar to beer goggles, the two should never be combined in an unsafe area. The effects of the combination of the two are catastrophic, often resaulting in massive quantities of shame and ridicule by peers. There is, in fact, an equation that describes the potency of Maritime Goggles, h+(.15w)=mgh, with h being equal to the initial hotness of the chick, w being equal to the number of consecutive weeks a cadet is stuck on campus )whithout being off campus for a span of >1week), and mgh being equal to the maritime goggle hotness, or the final hotness of the chick.
Maritime Cadet: "Wow, look at that hottie in the mini-skirt!"
Normal Dude: "Uh, bro, she's no better than a 6."
Maritime Cadet: "Damn maritime goggles again, ive been stuck there too long."

if a girl is a 6 to one uneffected by maritime goggles, and is seen afer a cadet has been stuck on campus for 7 weeks, then she is now a 7.05 under maritime goggles, because 6+(.15*7)=7.05. The mgh potancy factor would be 1.05
by MSA6219 October 02, 2009
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