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A dazzlingly gorgeous guy who is adorable, sweet, charming and always does and says the right things to make you feel better when you are having a down day. He is a true companion and has the ability to excel in all that he puts his mind to. A sexy guy with a heart of gold - what a divine combination, not to mention he smells like heaven mixed with spice. He sees the goodness in everyone and sometimes people take advantage of this which is awful and hurtful to him and breaks my heart. He's the type of guy that should be respected and loved. He's funny, sensitive and generous which makes him all the more amazing. He is the most AMAZING man ever and watch out for his eyes, they are trance-enticing;) What a gorgeous handcrafted package wrapped in gold :) He is loved dearly.
Girl 1: wow... did you get a smell of that Godly scent... it was definitely Mario Sabayo.
Girl 2: Oh for sure, that is definitely mario. He's a wonderful boyfriend and his chicka is ONE lucky thang!!!!

by bikerider119 May 28, 2010
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