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Marine, Illinois is a half an hour east of St. Louis, Missouri. Marine, is a village made up of 930 drunken coked out red necks, with no drivers license or high school education. There is a grade school in the village which consists of the inbred children of the carnie yard across route 143. The one and only gas station is ran by a retard, and a slut, and sometimes a slutty retard. There is one bar/pub within city limits, and is ran by two lesbians with the combined weight of a combine loaded down with squirrel guts from nearby Silver Creek. The Madison County Heritage Trail ends in northern marine, and is usually inhabited by coke fiends sniffing wild animals asses to get that last fix, that is unattainable at the slutty retards gas station or lesbian bar.
BILL: Where you from?

CHAD: Marine, Illinois.

BILL: Oh, so you take it in the ass?

CHAD: Only at the lesbian bar by the slutty retard.
by marine, transplant. December 20, 2010
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A village avout an hour away from St. Louis. It is quite amazing, and perfect for raising kids as it has an extremely low crime rate.
Dude, Marine, Illinois is so awesome.

I know, I know.
by imanarwhal May 01, 2011
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