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this is a school in weedfield maine where about 85% of the students and rougly 72% of the teachers smoke weed. most students at this school will become burnouts and smoke weed and sell drugs for the rest of their lives. although this seems shitty to most people, it's actually a rather charming lifestyle....!

before school, most kids (roughly 63% of the student population) will find there way to the lower parking lot, hop in somebodys car, and smoke a joint before they make there way to advisee time.....about 33% of teachers smoke at their homes and get high before they find there way to Marijuanacook in weedfield maine.!

during lunch time, 69% of students leave school and find some place to smoke before having to go back to not really sure how the teachers dont realize all these kids leave school to smoke, or how they don't always realize they are high...i guess the kids in weedfield maine just know how to hide it....

WEED: "God's gift to the world. Brings peace when used wisely."

*Pass the blunt, dude...*
live above the influence....above them.....above weed....!

HAAAAAAAA! Righttttttttt :P
bell ringsss

all the kids race to the lower parking lot to smoke it up...! this only happens at Marijuanacook obviously...
by OhHeyItsBobby January 28, 2008
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