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First of all Marien is one of the best guys that ever lived!
Marien drunk is step 4/5 on the intoxication scale. 1. Buzzed
2. Life of the party
3. That fuckin asshole that no one like and the person that invited them leaves the party in shame.
4. Marien drunk- the point in which and individual becomes so fucking enebriated that they actually manage to progress from stage 3 and once again become the life of the party, usually due to their ability to completely slaughter the english language, their slurring being so bad that other people in the room begin to slur just from the radiant effects of the "marien drunk", this individual has an uncanny talent at destroying a friends chance at getting laid and may at times appear to be gay, will towards the end of step four begin to look like a fucking legless amputee by their non-existant ability to walk properly.

5. Death/liver failure/ blackout.
‎​"Wow man did you see mark last night?". "Yeah man, god I love the guy 8 drinks in and he's fuckin Marien drunk, sooooo fuckin funny" "yeah but then he got to stage 4.5, and took Erica home" "eeew is that the chick with the gnome feet?" "Yup" "damn such a good run ruined"
by TDFATDOPW August 25, 2010
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