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PERFECT for each other. Although Kiara gone pluck some of yo nerves and Marcus gone lie a lil bit. They still perfect. Their hustle flow is gonna be amazing 😍😍. No need to lie to Kiara though. She a real ass woman and she so sexy😩she got that good good😂. She loyal. She listen. She means everything she say😐. She gone make you feel good even when u mad at her she gone make it better. Marcus😐 you better get you a Kiara. She’ll bless the hell outta you 😂. Don’t play with her feelings or tease her or do messed up stuff to her or behind yo back. That woman a lil bit crazy so don’t completely piss her off😐. Give her fat ass some food she’ll go to sleep if you want her to stop gettin on yo nerves 😂😂. She a ride or die. Don’t use her she the best. Don’t cheat either😐. She knows how to cook😩😩😩😩 Her hands are magical😋. Marcus most likely used to be a lil hoe lol. So when you start messing with Kiara mane that lil stuff gotta go. She way too good to be left for a lil slut. Ask her ex’s 😂. Marcus you a good person though. You and Kiara are just alike lol. Goofy asses lol. If y’all ever argue about something just let her know you appreciate her. She worth it all. Both of y’all are Assholes as well😂. Y’all dont give a fuck but then y’all do lol.
Marcus and Kiara are perfect for eachother
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