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alternatively: (merriwandering)
When one goes for a walk in no particular direction for no particular reason. Normally one does so with good company so as to avoid thinking about where one goes. At the end of a marawander one should be at least an hour away from home and should only return with good stories and excuses as to why others were not notified of their absence.


The term marawandering is a Boston-Irish corruption of the long-lost Irish folk lyric "merrily I go a-wandering" by Shamus Hack-Fierson.

It does not originate from the time John and Dan misunderstood a deeply stoned individual who was attempting to say the name of a plant species at Hempfest.
If one uses any sort of disruption to your normal state of being whilst marawandering, well, that's just missing the point.

Returning with a Boston @ Nite is considered a rite of passage in many parts of the country.

If, for whatever reason, it has nothing to do with what what you presumed it did, please note:

That just goes to show you. At this moment you should reconsider some things. Go and do something productive-- get a job at the very least! Smoking' is Jokin'!

Damn Hippies.
Coco Joe: "Shall we go marawandering, King John?"

King John: "'Tis a novel idea Coco!"
Mr. Dragonsandwich: "Whereto?"

Dunjon Master: "Yes! Where?!"
Coco Joe: "Jolly good spoof, old chaps!"

King John: "Haha Indeed! We lead the road and I say TITS to all naysayers!"
Mr. Dragonsandwich: "Yes but at all costs DON'T TELL @#$%."
by Merriwanderer February 03, 2015
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