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the greatest video game boss to ever exist. unlike majority of in-game bosses who fight the protagonist because of conflicting ideals, Marauder Shields, an indoctrinated turian husk from Mass Effect 3 armed with only an assault rifle opposes the protagonist in hopes of preventing the said protagonist from entering the conduit and experiencing a crappy ending.

His legacy carries on to the campaign to retake the great Bioware franchise, and his name has become synonymous with hope brought upon from sacrifice.
Honor Marauder Shields' sacrifice, retake mass effect 3!

After seeing the krogan, salarians, geth, rachni and the quarians work together to retake Palaven, Garrus Vakarrian's marauder shields helped him to get through the war.

he is a marauder for he stole our hearts
he is shields for he protected us
he lived as a generic enemy character, he died a hero.
RIP Marauder Shields
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