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Maranatha High school is a private Christian High school in Pasadena, California. Known as the "pretty school" The girls are hot, the guys are hot, and the campus is absolutely gorgeous. also known as the "party school" the girls are sluts and the guys are manwhores. Party school that resembles FSHA or Mayfield.
Julie goes to maranatha high school. or Julie goes to Maranatha.
by privateschoolbitch July 01, 2010
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Maranatha High School is a private coed high school located in the sunny Pasadena, California. It has a reputation for its beautiful people, as well as it's beautiful campus. Not only are the people here beautiful on the outside, they are all ridiculously nice... but maybe sometimes too nice. Many of the girls act similar to Quinn FeBray on the show Glee. It's student body is 85% white, 10% asian, and 5% other.
Are you going to go to the game at Maranatha? Maranatha High School? You mean the pretty school?
by olivieeee May 01, 2011
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Worst school in the history of bad schools. Bunch of weird freaks.

Fact: There are more gays in Marantha High School than in the entire city of San Francisco.

It's true. It is the worst school in the history of schools.
by Barney the freakin dinosaur March 14, 2010
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