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cheating in an online game, which enables you to view the map in its entire form with no fog or war or places you need to explore before seeing; fucking cheating and looking what the other guy is doing
"Fucking map hacker seen where i was creeping" "I used map hack to own spirit_moon"
by GG HAXOR November 11, 2004
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1. A mini-program that reveals an entire map of a game area. The program is used for games that generate random maps (most notoriously in Diablo II), and comes with several other features such as exact treasure find and location, and monster location (GPS-style). One other notorious feature includes targeting dueling opponents--from up to 5 screens away (Auto scroll lock). Because it gives the user a most unfair advantage, and also because many of these 'maphacks' become hacks of a different kind, such programs are considered illegal, especially when used in online areas.
(actual quote in a realms game)
I used a maphack program, and all of a sudden all of my godly gear is gone! Please may I have something for free??
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