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A manwhoreaphile is someone who constantly sleeps with girls even if he just met them or even if they are under aged. sometimes a manwhoreaphile will even have a girlfriend while doing so. A manwhoreaphile is attracted to little girls as well as older ones and ones that same age. A manwhoreaphile typically takes advantage of skankadoodledoos. Nobody knows when manwhoreaphiles started to come out, but be afraid! Typically they are dumb and childish. Normally they are disguised as nice people. Typically using little girls for their vaginas and making sure they get prego, so her can just run away and do it repeatly. manwhore pedophile skank
Girl 1: Hey he seems nice
Girl 2: Hes a manwhoreaphile.
Girl 1: oh really he seems nice?
Girl 2: He likes little girls.
Girl 1: He is such a manwhoreaphile
by Lkeaxyilea April 05, 2013
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