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A Manwhore Rep is the representative of a social group(sometimes reffered to as a friendship group) that commonly brags about how much action he has gotten, bringing up all past instances at any concievable point at great length and detail.

A Manwhore Rep is also the one in the social group that will commonly use such jokes as "your mother!" or use incessant sexual calls such as "i'm glad you've both got protection!"

Such a persona is increasingly common in contemporary western society as they perpetuate the notions of lust over love and women as possesions and objects of desire.
In addition to all this it is important to note that a Manwhore Rep will often be overcompensating for his unacceptable excuse for a penis, it is not uncommon for people to make reference to it as a 'tic tac'.

It can be, in this way, use in an ironic manner to satarise the person in question.
"that calum kid is such a manwhore rep"
*synchronised confirmation by social group* "he sure is"
by ishouldbestudyingformathsexam. November 23, 2009
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