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1) The word used to describe a man who is a whore. Pronounced like "manure".

2) A man who can't keep is penis in his pants. Takes it out whenever he feels the need.

3) Fucks hoes allday errday. He isn't respected by women but is to all of his friends who are just like him.

4) Male equivalent to a female whore.

How to spot a manore:
- He will eyefuck you until you lady jizz.
- Will be too good with his words.
- He might look a bit gay just to make ladies feel more comfortable.
- Is normally a musician.
- Has a herd of sluts following him. They are normally the girls he has already pursued.
- They can look ugly or beautiful, just watch out.
Whatta manore (man-ore).
by NINJA-JONES February 18, 2011
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