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Manning Middle School is shit and you should NEVER go there! Teachers favor students, are to fucking going to be teachers, shove ads down your throat (For some Europe trip), Fire the good teachers and keep the bad ones, etc! Manning sucks.
Me: Have you ever been to Manning Middle School?
Friend: No, I heard it’s good! And I really want to go!
Me: Get the fuck outta my house!!
by IminlovewithQueen May 11, 2019
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Manning middle school is for whit rich snobs who’s parents think their kid is perfect, when in reality they are smoking and shit. The grades are also fucking the worse a B there is an A at everit or any other school
β€œHey you go to manning middle school right, let me guess ur going to fucking rv next year!”
by Gdasddde March 13, 2019
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