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When two or more dudes get together to watch the rare, overyped, meaningless Peyton Manning vs Eli Manning football phenomenon. Typically, the dudes at the party will put some great cultural significance to the matchup, even though it's just another regular season game that ends in a blowout. These Manning Bowl Parties are usually attended by guys wearing various Manning jerseys who have no life and would rather analyze the facial expressions and brief, nonexistant social reactions between Peyton, Eli, and Archie rather than actually watch the game. The Manning Bowl Party is essentially a meeting of fake football fans who are more into soap operas and dramatic theater than football. Avoid if you are invited to one.
Joe: Hey man, we're going down to the bar to get some beers and watch the football game. You in?

Brent: Oh, no thanks. I got plans to go over Chad's apartment for his Manning Bowl Party. They're having shrimp coctails and margharitas. It will be a fabulous spread. I'm rooting for Eli to win the match! I can't wait to see the look on Peyton's face when he is defeated by ironic sibling rivalry! Wanna come with?

Joe: Um, no thanks, Brent. I'm good.
by StanleyTheManly82 September 13, 2013
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