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The present years are diverse in gender, and as a trade-off, all must be titled and defined by a gender correctly. Misuse of the many accepted sexual orientations, and genders can leave you ridiculed in our modernized society.

How limiting.

What if a female wanted to be a manly man without the notation of femininity, or the harsh backlash from lack of term?

Here's the solution, with the deceptions of our language.


The "wo" is silent. Pronounced, Manly-Man.

Behind the pronunciation lies the link to it's meaning. In spelling, the word displays proper use of gender by writing out the sex of the pronoun.
Britney: "Hey, Tiffany. I know of a manly-wo-man."

Tiffany: "Oh yeah? What's his name? I love me a manly man."

Britney: "His name? No, Tiffany, it's a female. She's a girl."

Tiffany: "What? you're not making any of the senses, Britney. Girls can't be men, silly!"

Britney: "Here, let me write it down for you."

* The paper reads;


Britney: "With the tricks and diversity to our language, gender bending is a possibility. The "wo" in, "manly-wo-man" is silent, yet its letters assure the genders aren't misplaced."

Tiffany: "Woah... Dude."
by Tiffuhhhhh August 23, 2017
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