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A man who lacks the majority of masculine traits which has been replaced by feminine traits.

A man who has been raised by a woman or women and has inherited their annoying womanly traits.

A man who is really into Barry Manilow, theater, hand puppets and the republican party yet enjoys having a great man conversation in the men's room in front of the mirror.
Patrick sits on the couch like a 7 year old girl with a princess complex. People walking by hear a voice screaming in there heads say 'OMG!! What is wrong with him!! Doesn't that hurt? He has a severe case of manlack!'

When Roland gets mad he puts his hands on his hips and scowls like his mother. Manlack.

Jose bitches and complains more than several women experiencing menopause in a small room that has broken air conditioning on a hot summer day or like a bunch of middle aged mamma boys with a chronic case of manlack.
by Michael's Wench December 21, 2011
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