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Past tense: manhukood

This archaic word has uncertain and highly debated roots. However it is widely agreed by most scholars that it refers to a highly capable male who is blessed by both good fortune and skill. Famous manhukans include: God, Josh Warren, Thom Yorke and Mahatma Ghandi. Most manhukans however prefer a simple life, their modesty holding them back from such things as public appearances or showmanship… Thus explaining god.
The manhukan song (Bryan Adams)–
Do you know of a place?
Where the manhukan rests?
Where he makes his nest?
Where he is better than the best?
by Zeph May 22, 2004
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According to some historians, an ancient Huron word meaning 'a great male who is able to overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal'. This epithet is bestowed by the great wind god, and is a mark of divine favour.
"Are you sure he can manage it?"
"Of course, unbeliever, he is the manhukan!"
by jasw May 20, 2004
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