Manhua (simplified Chinese: 漫画; traditional Chinese: 漫畫; pinyin: mànhuà; lit. 'impromptu sketches') are Chinese comics produced in China and in the Greater China region. Whilst Chinese comics and narrated illustrations having existed in China in some shape or form throughout its imperial history, the term manhua first appeared in 1904 in a comic titled 'Current Affairs Comics' or shíshì mànhuà (时事漫画) in the Shanghai-based newspaper, Jingzhong Daily (警钟日报).

Manhua may also refer to comics with a manhua / donghua styled-art or comics with a Chinese translation
"What type of comics do you prefer?"
"Oh I really enjoy manhua."
by Hua Cheng January 21, 2021
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Chinese word for comic. They are similar to manga and manwha but of Chinese origin.

Includes the Chinese translation for manga.
You're reading a manhua?

Check out this manhua I bought thought Chinese website.

Which one are better? manga, manhwa, or manhua?
by Hespia Klarerin December 04, 2010
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Chinese comics or comics with a Chinese translation. Manhua's can vary in style and format- due to the rise of webcomics, webmanhua's such as 19 days have been doing exceptionally good and has opened up the international world to danmei (Chinese BL). Manhua's are usually done by and for Chinese people with the intention of getting big in China- although some are more well-known outside of China. Manhua's are usually very colorful and are read just like any other comic- from left to right.
We should totally buy Kelly a physical copy of that manhua she never stops talling about. It's the perfect birthday gift
by yourlocalsinophile January 23, 2021
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