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A portmanteau of manual + hydraulic, which, despite the etymology, is a hybrid process where despite automation in all other parts one vital link is filled by a human action rather than machine.
Mandraulic: "Computer Application "A" produces a table of data, which is converted into a payment run to a vendor in Computer Application "B" once the Accounts Payable clerk has loaded that table into Computer Application B, rather than it being exported automatically from Computer Application A into Computer Application B.

Dave is the mandraulic piece of the process as he has to load the batch coming out of the enterprise resource planning system onto the payment platform.
by Outmarsat June 08, 2018
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Labour intensive. A portmanteau of manual + hydraulic.
"Wow, carrying all those servers up to the 5th floor was really mandraulic."

"No, as fun as it might be, I don't think we should fill his dorm room completely with full water balloons - it sounds too mandraulic"
by TheNonSpammedOne August 30, 2012
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