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Mandaeism is a minor religion with around 65,000 followers. Most followers live in the Middle East, though some live in America. Holy book is Ginza Rba and Qolusta.

Mandaeism is in the Mid-East, but it is not an Abrahamic religion like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Abraham is considered a false prophet to them. Other false prophets are Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad.

Mandaeans say that their religion started with Adam and Eve, and the final prophet (Also most important prophet) was John the Baptist, who gave plenty of religious information to Jesus Christ, trusting him to spread the truth. Now Mandaeans say Jesus perverted John's words and so is a false prophet.

Abel (Whom Cain killed)
John the Baptist

There is almost no information aside from prophets since Mandaeans are somewhat secretive about their beliefs, so that is all that can really be said.
Mandaean: I believe in Mandaeism!

Not a Mandaean: WTF is Mandeeism?

Mandaean: Teh truth.
by Charles Chilly March 01, 2008
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