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Manbeef was a hoax website that claimed to sell human meat. The site is no longer online, but it can still be found at the Internet Archive.
Manbeef was such an elaborate hoax, even the FBI fell for it.
by blenheimears May 30, 2009
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Slang term for a man's penis.

NB: Please thank the genius of Tom Baker of Bedford, UK for promoting the use of this word - his address can be provided by email.
by J Mc March 10, 2004
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1 Good-looking muscular men collectively
2 the bodily appendage men possess, the love sword, the organ that begins with P and rhymes with the name of the goddess of love
1 -- look at all the manbeef in this strip joint
2 -- look at the size of the manbeef on that guy!
by Sparki October 06, 2003
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