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A situation in the card game "Magic The Gathering" a player does not have an acceptable amount of lands throughout the whole game
DAMMIT! I have been totally getting Mana-Screwed this game.
by Evilbob3424 June 14, 2009
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In Magic:The Gathering, to not draw enough lands or mana producers, like black lotus, to play spells and win the game.
"Man, I got so manascrewed in that last game against Kai Budde. I should put a few more forests in here."
by Montezuma999 May 28, 2003
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a term used in the collectible card game Magic. it is used when during the length of the game land is not drawn from the deck and usually screws you over, hence the name manascrewed.
person 1: did you see that magic game yesterday?

person 2: yeah that guy got royaly manascrewed and couldn't put anything down.
by skel'elm May 04, 2009
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Being extremely strapped for mana, that is, not drawing enough lands/other mana sources to cast the majority or entirety of the spells in your hand.

Normally, if you are manascrewed, you will be trashed.

Opposite - manaflood
"ARGH! That's the 14th draw in a row I've not scored land! Manascrew!"
by KHD August 27, 2003
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