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Man-purring man purr AKA snoring; After going on a sports camp with several dad helpers there was one dad who snored constantly throughout the night. After several hours of sleepless annoyance, the rhythm of the snoring became deliriously comforting and relaxing, vaguely like a fat cat purring when it is content. Some of the coaches (and dads) complained the next morning of the constant snoring, but the 'man-purrer' awoke refreshed and oblivious to the issues he created. Snoring is a derogatory term for a natural and innocent act, blamed mostly on men. The dads all later agreed that we only snore because we are exhausted and contented - thus the term 'Man-purring' was coined. Man-purring is a far more politically correct name for an outdated, derogatory and argument-causing term known annoyingly as 'snoring'. 'Man-purring' displays to our partners a more innocent and sincere meaning for a common and natural phenomenon - "Men - do we snore? No, we 'man-purr.'"
Wife "I hope you slept well last night, you kept me awake with your continual snoring",
Husband "Darling, I'm so sorry, it wasn't deliberate - I didn't mean to snore, it was only man-purring. When I'm sleepy and laying next to you, you make me feel so relaxed and happy with life so I 'man-purr' ...I love you so much!
by Brett Witherby January 15, 2017
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