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Also known as the "Rule of Three Months"

Men who have an interest in any type of Hollywood gossip or juicy celeb scoop are obligated by this law to do the following:

-Buy a People, Us Weekly, or Star magazine once a month and let it sit for three months. Once three months goes by you can read all the juicy gossip to prepare for conversation. (Can be replaced with TMZ's three month old archives or recording an Entertainment Tonight episode and watching in three months)

This is so that a man does not appear too up-to-date on their juicy Hollywood gossip.
Group: Hey did you hear about Jessica Simpson?

Man #1: Isn't she dating Tony Romo or something? I saw her at a Cowboys game.

Group: Uhh... that was like months ago! She is dating a new man now!

Notice Man #1's effective use of the "Man Pop-Culture Law"
by DefinitelyNotSketch September 16, 2009
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