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To remove a crutch from one self; to play a videogame with the highest possible difficulty and disadvantage; to accomplish any task while you should have not; to drink Absante regularly from a bottle without a chaser.
"I once did a playthrough of Mass Effect 3 on Insane at level 1,2, and 3 completed every side mission and secret mission while never changing from my starter gear. I was so "Man'd Up"

"I'm playing Halo 3, with 10 sensitivity, no scoping these n00bs while completing Quad-axle and then assassinating the guy who walks out the back door on top blue room on guardian. They should have man'd up"

"I finished writing, recording and producing my first solo album in less then 4 hours and it was highly successful. I accomplished this because I so man'd up"

"To literally drink the highest proof alcohol at hand without a chaser. BQ
by savantc February 17, 2014
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