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A popular Minecraft Role-Play series made by paulsoaresjr, in which he must survive for 14 days in various places in the land of Minecraftia. The show's name is a parody of Man vs. Wild, which, sadly, no longer airs on the Discovery Channel.

Fortunatly, Pablo Punchwood (paulsoaresjr's character) has help from Wilson, his tamed dog. Wilson helps him deal with just about anything except creepers.

The show is NOT a let's play. If there's anything that seems to be done "wrong" in this series, remember that Man vs. Minecraft is a role-play series, and it is not a tutorial.

The show is rated E10+.
Man vs. Minecraft has aired in several places in Minecraftia, such as:
S1 -- The Overworld
S2 -- The Overworld with Mo'Creatures mod
S3 -- The Nether, The Overworld with Goblins! and Hot Air Balloon mods
S4 -- The Twilight Forest with the corresponding mod
S5 -- The Overworld with the UHC mod
by Glflegolas October 17, 2013
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