Congratulations on reading to the bottom. Go grab yourself a congratulatory beer.
If you just scrolled here anyway, hey, what says you can't have a congratulatory beer?
If this somehow gets above J-Mont's definition of "Man Laws", grab a beer, get comfortable, and read on, my friend.
by DNottin May 25, 2013
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A list of unspoken rules amongst males that maintain functional order, and hierarchy similar to Girl Code.
Man laws a list of f unspoken rules amongst natural born males
Man Law dictates you don't use the middle urinal unless you're a child, elderly or desperate.
Man Law dictates you don't circle relationships even if they are dying due to drama or multiple break-ups. You wait a mandatory 7 days to make your move unless granted special permissions.
Man Law dictates that a true wing man never blocks a fellow man from flirting but stands on the peripheral to save him from trouble.
Man law dictates that players (non-monogamous males) make their intentions clear to every perspective female or be deemed as bad as dead beat dad's.
Man Law dictates that being a dead beat dad is a crime against children, women and authentic masculinity.
by Truthbomber207 June 20, 2021
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The invisible yet ever powerful restrictions placed upon the actions of men that you SHOULD follow.

"Oh shit that girl is fucking hot."
"Dude. I told you I wanted that before you wanted on it."
"Damn. Alright. You're my bro so I'll let you try to hit that up."
"Yeah. It's man law after all. If man law expires though thats mine."
"Alright. Awesome.
by Man Law September 07, 2006
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If your friends ex comes on to you or you find her attractive then you have to have your friends consent to have any relations with before said female, BUT, talking to her is perfectly fine.
MAn LaW: exlp #1
Joe: hey man, amber is coming on to me.
Matt: idc, hit that shit!
Joe: Hell yea!

MAn LaW: exlp #2
Jesy: dude i think yo ex katey is hot.
Tone: cool i dont, go for it.
Jesy: dont gotta tell me twice.
by JoEho! August 10, 2009
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When you're with your homies, and you/they say something dumb or something you know they wont do and you say MAN LAW! and then they must do it or suffer the consequences...(consequences may vary!)
"oh god, look at those titties, id motor boat them"
"MAN LAW!!!"
"excuse me maam?"
"good job nukkkah"
by Nukkkahhh September 09, 2011
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only the most powerful set of rules ever devised by the human race...ever

all hail man god!!!!!

by man god August 24, 2007
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Originated from a series of Budweiser commercials where a group of supposedly (manly) men, namely celebrities and athletes, sit around a table deciding the secret codes of conduct for men.
1) What to do when a guy sticks his finger in your beer. Solution: "you poke it you own it" Man law!

2) What to do when you meet an attractive girl but has a long list of ex-boyfriends... Solution "You make sure you don't fall in love with her" Man law!
by ManliestManAlive June 23, 2006
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