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Man Pajamas.
To be used only in the case of a female wearing those soft, comfy, man pajama pants.
Jenny - ugh, i really hate girl pajamas, they have no pockets and are always made of cheap material

Christi - ah, well, you should've bought some Man Js, so much better.
by yellowturbanuprising October 26, 2009
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A Man J is derived from the French word Mange. A Man J is the man version of the San J; when a man shits into another mans asshole.
Zach was trashed out of his mind and gave his friend Matt a mad Man J.
by Brosweetz August 03, 2009
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Hanging out with women and not gettin any pussy. or Being a fucking pussy.
Billy said he didn't want to go out and drink because cause he was tired and his friends call him a manj.
Billy decided to hang out with his females friends... whut a fucking manj.
by Matt January 03, 2004
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