Man Dawg, AKA Manny, is a 5-star recruit out of McLean High. He goes to the gym every day to work on his craft, and get big. He is famous for pulling up from 30 feet against Yorktown, and he later posted the clip onto his Instagram with the caption: "They never learn." This year, Manny dropped 39 points against Yorktown, the second-most points in a game in McLean's history. I guess you can say he is the "King of Yorktown." Along with all these accomplishments, he has a 4.2 GPA and he "gets to the drop zone with ease." He is a McLean legend and he represents my neighborhood Shouse very well.
Man Dawg dropped 39 last night. Dude is fucking insane.
by Paarth February 25, 2020
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