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When finding Mom, or Dad (gay or straight), being ridiculous while in a negative nature of not being themselves; or doing any of these acts, which inflect on others, and/or, Mom/Dad in a negative motion, while you want Mom, and/or Dad to change their act of motion while they are following any of these acts upon themselves, and/or others: Hypocrisy, being too serious, derogatory, sarcastic, bible deaf, embarrassing, confusing, harassing, saying, "No, yes, or maybe." Being in an exploit able attitude toward another man and/or woman in, or out of the family, in relationship wise, or not, too much pity toward another organism. Being an ass, hoe, shithead, bitch, "Freak of nature," shitty with money (using money wrong), a bad mom, or father. Anything thought of as a derogatory being, or negatively inflicting upon you, in which you want them to change, the negative nature.
1. Please just mamaha at the job even though you are already trying. (Verb)
2. Mamahas are great it's equal to change. (Pro-noun,Plural, Verb)
3. Oh all the mamahas as adults, they need to look at all the mamahas they changed at church. (Plural, Verb)
4. You need to be one with the body of your mamaha life, keep it that way.
by DivergingShadow March 20, 2014
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