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A slang form of people named Macaulay. This man is incredibly sloth like and spends most of his time in front of XBOX and playing with action figures. He is commonly noticed staring at girls from a distance, and may suddenly appear behind you without notice coming from the shadows. If bitten by him, check for rabies.

Most women wish they could understand the deepness of his quietness. While he may appear quiet, his brain is actually discovering the atomic mass of the woman standing next to him.
Girl 1 says, "Oh my gosh look at the guy staring at me. He is such a Mama Possum!!"

Girl 2: "Goodness Mama Possum, her face is up here, not down there!"

Girl 3: "Ah! Don't scare me like that! You just pulled a Mama Possum coming from the shadows like that.
by Wildboyz July 24, 2009
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